Michael Furman Automotive Photographer

Michael Furman has had the unique pleasure of photographing the world’s most significant cars. From the earliest “conveyances” to cars that foretell the future, Michael has created portraits that insightfully express his subject’s historical and aesthetic importance.

A key element to Michael’s style is to present the car from the perspective of the designers and engineers who created it; their thoughts, their motivations, and the social and political context in which they worked. His approach has been graciously embraced by major collectors, museums and concours events around the world.

For most photographers, studio car photography would be a daunting task. Automobiles are large, highly reflective objects that present a myriad of technical photographic issues – and countless opportunities for visual excitement. Throughout his many years, Michael has found limitless possibilities to relate the many facets of automotive experience to his audience, and most importantly, inspire the next generation of automotive enthusiasts to continue this appreciation and respect.

Throughout the course of this website, you will experience an inside look at the most intriguing assignments that comprise his 35 year career. So please, take your time and enjoy the journey.

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