Model Citizen Diecast


You're an enthusiast. You love cars in your marrow. You're fanatical about Porsche and JDM and the muscle kings of Woodward Avenue. You go to Monterey and Amelia and Indy. You read Octane and Road and Track and Sports Car Market cover-to-cover, and the Smoking Tire Podcast is appointment listening for you. You have a favorite F1 driver and a favorite IMSA team, though you're more intrigued by the beauty and the bravery of the racing of yesteryear.

You learned your appreciation for the automobile as a kid, pushing diecast cars across the living room carpet. They shaped your taste, and inspired your drive to acquire and admire. And now that you're all grown up, you might have a really cool full-sized car (or two, or twenty) but that little kid inside you still loves model cars. 


Model Citizen was founded in 2015 with one single purpose: to help passionate car enthusiasts build the car collections of their dreams...in scale.

Scale model cars are an important storytelling device. They give us a visual representation of what matters to us as car enthusiasts. Model Citizen seeks to educate and inform about the stories behind the models, both to help new enthusiasts grow in their appreciation, and to build a greater sense of community among veterans in the automotive hobby. The Model Citizen philosophy is simple: we believe there is no better visual expression for an individual's passion for the automobile than a really great scale model car, one that captures every detail and nuance of the real thing.

We are committed to helping car enthusiasts communicate their passion to the world by curating a selection of only the finest precision-built scale model cars for sale anywhere...cars you can be proud to display in any home or work setting. At Model Citizen, you'll find only the most compelling cars for sophisticated enthusiasts...we won't make you wade through endless pages of low-quality toys to find the treasure you're looking for. Here, it's ALL treasure.

For More Info Contact Exhibitor Point of Contact: Patrick Strong