Why Exhibit

Why Exhibit at Automobilia Collectors Expo?

The Automobilia Collectors Expo stands as the premier event for showcasing vintage automotive treasures, connecting with passionate collectors, and expanding your network within the automobilia community. Here’s why exhibiting with us is an opportunity you won’t want to miss:

Unmatched Visibility

Gain exposure to a dedicated audience of enthusiasts, collectors, and industry insiders. Our expo attracts visitors from across the globe, offering you the perfect platform to showcase your unique items or services.

Exclusive Networking Opportunities

Build valuable relationships with fellow exhibitors, potential customers, and industry professionals. The expo provides an ideal environment for networking, sharing insights, and fostering collaborations.

Targeted Audience

Our attendees are passionate about automobilia and are actively looking for items to add to their collections. By exhibiting with us, you're presenting your offerings to a highly targeted and interested audience.

Modernized Platform

We've infused the expo with fresh, innovative features for an enhanced exhibitor, attendee, and sponsor experience, now including Free WiFi for all exhibitors.

Enhanced Brand Recognition

Participating in the expo elevates your brand's presence in the automobilia market. Benefit from our extensive marketing efforts leading up to the event, including social media promotions, radio ads, email campaigns, and featured listings on our website.

Sales and Lead Generation

With thousands of attendees, the expo is a prime opportunity for direct sales and lead generation. Engage with potential buyers, collect leads, and make sales on the spot to individuals who share your passion.

Educational Opportunities

Learn from industry experts, stay ahead of market trends, and gain insights into the latest collecting and preservation techniques.

A Community of Passionate Collectors

Join a community that shares your enthusiasm for automotive history and culture. The Automobilia Collectors Expo is not just an event; it’s a gathering of like-minded individuals celebrating their shared passion.

Perfect Timing: Kickoff to Monterey Car Week

As the gateway to the famed Monterey Car Week, the Automobilia Collectors Expo presents a unique and timely opportunity for exhibitors. Taking place at the kickoff of this celebrated automotive week, our expo is perfectly positioned when attendees are at their most enthusiastic, open-minded, and energized. This timing not only capitalizes on the fresh excitement of car week but also sets the stage for what's to come, making it the ideal moment for peak engagement, first impressions, undivided attention, and strategic advantage.

2023 Pricing Unchanged

2024 pricing remains the same as 2023 ensuring Automobilia Collectors Expo is accessible and value for money for our exhibitors. Enjoy all the benefits of participating, without any extra financial pressure.

Exhibiting at the Automobilia Collectors Expo is more than just an opportunity to sell and network; it’s a chance to become part of a vibrant community that appreciates the art and history of automobilia. Secure your space today and drive your business forward in a venue that celebrates your passion.

Exclusive Hotel Group Rates

We are delighted to announce that we've secured exclusive hotel group rates for our exhibitors at two fantastic locations for the duration of the expo, from August 12-14. This special offer is available for a limited time, so we encourage you to make your reservations as soon as possible.

Embassy Suites (Onsite):

$379 per night + taxes

Monarch Resort (Offsite):

King Bed Room: $630 + tax for all 3 nights

Two Beds Room: $720 + tax for all 3 nights

Includes continental breakfast



Corner (Limited to 4 - SOLD OUT): $1,950 for the entire 3-day event. This option provides more than double the Vendor Display space, ensuring maximum visibility and attendee engagement.

Vendor Display: $975 for the entire 3-day event. This space is 12' wide x 10' deep, complete with 3 tables with covers and chairs, and is positioned on the perimeter of the ballroom for great exposure.

Table Top: $580 for the entire 3-day event. This option offers 8' wide x 7' deep setup, with two 30'' x 72'' tables with covers, chairs, and an 8' x 4' poster board in the back, perfect for smaller displays or those with focused offerings.

Entrance Exhibitor (Limited to 3): $2,065 for the entire 3-day event or $750/day. This exclusive option includes one table with cover and chairs in a prime, heavy-traffic entrance area, offering optimal visibility right as attendees enter.

The Pit Stop Outdoor Display: Elevate your presence with our dynamic outdoor display option, "The Pit Stop," tailored for car displays and automotive demos. Positioned in a high-visibility area, this space is perfect for exhibitors looking to make a significant impact. Pricing is determined based on day, time, and specific exhibitor needs, ensuring a customizable approach to your showcase. "The Pit Stop" offers an unparalleled opportunity to captivate attendees with live demonstrations and standout vehicle presentations in the fresh outdoor setting of our event.

Optional special display cabinets, etc., will be available for rental. The entire area is well-illuminated.

For custom configurations, outdoor automobile displays, and car demos, please contact us.


Optional Addons


Glass 6'7''w x 20''d x 43''h: includes 4 interior half shelves of glass, 2 interior lights. $335/each


8'' wide x 4'' high and are 3' off the ground, $95/each


2'' wide x 5'' high with a minimum of 2 panels, $50/each

* includes delivery to your spot, setup, 3-day rental, and pickup


provide an electrical outlet to your booth, TBD (depends on your booth location)


Join Our Community of Passionate Exhibitors

Exhibiting at the Automobilia Collectors Expo is more than just an opportunity to sell and network; it’s a chance to become part of a vibrant community that appreciates the art and history of automobilia. Secure your space today and drive your business forward in a venue that celebrates your passion.