Kilimanjaro Designs

Kilimanjaro Designs started when the founder, Parker Hall, acquired a 250 GTO series 2 in 1977, which as he described, need a little TLC.

In an effort to improve it, Parker traveled to many shows across the country documenting the most correct Ferraris he could. In doing this Parker made quite a few friends. These friends would supply Parker with the badges and stickers that he needed to perfectly restore his GTO.

Beginning in 1980, Parker had more than enough for his own purposes and decided to begin the reproduction of several hard to find badges and stickers in order to better supply those who had similar goals. Originally the focus of Kilimanjaro Designs was solely on the 250 series cars, but has since expanded into very early cars all the way to early 70s cars such as the Dino and the Daytona.

Parker will bring various collectible items for sale, including authentic tools and accessories, plates, tags, stickers, and Decorations for various parts and locations, among much more!  

For More Info Contact Exhibitor Point of Contact: Parker Hall